IPSI BgD Transactions on Internet Research (TIR)

January 2020 | Volume 16 | Number 1 | ISSN 1820 - 4503

Guest Editor Hermann Maurer
Special issue - "Digital Heritage and Related Tools"

Special issue articles:

Maurer, H.

A Renewed Look at Greenstone: Lessons from the Second Decade
Bainbridge, D. and Witten, I. H.

Digital Materials to Support Learning: Success Stories in Teaching Computer Science
Bollin, A.

The New Functions of OER Repositories for Personalized Learning
Yamada, T.

Preserving Cultural Knowledge through Community-Lead MOOCs
Kulathuramaiyer, N., Pariyar, A., Bala, P.,
Meenatchisundaram, J-L., and Kee-Man, C.

Computational Notebooks in Public Repositories
Speicher, D. and Cremers, A. B.

Towards 3D Digitization in the GLAM (Galleries, Libraries, Archives, and Museums) Sector:
Lessons Learned and Future Outlook

Tausch, R., Domajnko, M., Ritz, M., Knuth, M., Santos, P., and Fellner, D.

Potential of Bots for Encyclopedia
Saracevic, M., Ebner, M., and Ebner, M.

Insights to the State-of-the-Art PDF Extraction Techniques
Hashmi, A. M., Qayyum, F., and Afzal, M. T.

Experiences Based on a Major Information Server
Delilovic, N., Ebner, M., Maurer, H., and Zaka, B.

Investigating Interaction Activities in Digital Libraries:
The Networked Interactive Digital Books Project

Zaka, B., Maurer, H., and Delilovic, N.

Regular submission articles:

Semantic Partitioning of Triple-Stores
Savnik, I. and Nitta, K.

An Article by Invitation
Bridge Engineering Heritage: Proverbial Wisdom of Selected Experts

Traditional and Forthcoming Bridge Design and Construction: From Past Experiences to Future Directions
Aroch, R., Asanin, Z., Bobera, D., Bojovic, A., Bojovic, D., Brcic, S., Dakovic, N., Fargier-Gabaldon, L.,
Furundzic, B., Furundzic, D., Gabrijelcic, P., Gapic, Z., Isailovic, D., Jiponov, A., Jutila, A., Kovrlija, Z.,
Mandic, R., Markelj, V., Milutinovic, G., Njagulj, V., Peco, D., Ramirez, J., Salom, J., Sreckovic, G.,
Stipanic, B., Tadic, J., Tosic, N., Ulicevic, M., Velovic, N., and Vuckovic I.