IPSI BgD Transactions on Internet Research (TIR)

January 2020 | Volume 16 | Number 1 | ISSN 1820 - 4503

Guest Editor Hermann Maurer
Special issue - "Digital Heritage and Related Tools"

Special issue articles:

Maurer, H.

A Renewed Look at Greenstone: Lessons from the Second Decade
Bainbridge, D. and Witten, I. H.

Digital Materials to Support Learning: Success Stories in Teaching Computer Science
Bollin, A.

The New Functions of OER Repositories for Personalized Learning
Yamada, T.

Preserving Cultural Knowledge through Community-Lead MOOCs
Kulathuramaiyer, N., Pariyar, A., Bala, P.,
Meenatchisundaram, J-L., and Kee-Man, C.

Computational Notebooks in Public Repositories
Speicher, D. and Cremers, A. B.

Towards 3D Digitization in the GLAM (Galleries, Libraries, Archives, and Museums) Sector:
Lessons Learned and Future Outlook

Tausch, R., Domajnko, M., Ritz, M., Knuth, M., Santos, P., and Fellner, D.

Potential of Bots for Encyclopedia
Saracevic, M., Ebner, M., and Ebner, M.

Insights to the State-of-the-Art PDF Extraction Techniques
Hashmi, A. M., Qayyum, F., and Afzal, M. T.

Experiences Based on a Major Information Server
Delilovic, N., Ebner, M., Maurer, H., and Zaka, B.

Investigating Interaction Activities in Digital Libraries:
The Networked Interactive Digital Books Project

Zaka, B., Maurer, H., and Delilovic, N.

Regular submission articles:

Semantic Partitioning of Triple-Stores
Savnik, I. and Nitta, K.

An Article by Invitation
Bridge Engineering Heritage: Proverbial Wisdom of Selected Experts

Traditional and Forthcoming Bridge Design and Construction: From Past Experiences to Future Directions
Aroch, R., Asanin, Z., Bobera, D., Bojovic, A., Bojovic, D., Brcic, S., Dakovic, N., Fargier-Gabaldon, L.,
Furundzic, B., Furundzic, D., Gabrijelcic, P., Gapic, Z., Isailovic, D., Jiponov, A., Jutila, A., Kovrlija, Z.,
Mandic, R., Markelj, V., Milutinovic, G., Njagulj, V., Peco, D., Ramirez, J., Salom, J., Sreckovic, G.,
Stipanic, B., Tadic, J., Tosic, N., Ulicevic, M., Velovic, N., and Vuckovic I.

July 2019 | Volume 15 | Number 2 | ISSN 1820 - 4503

Guest Editors Mihelič, J. and Čibej, U.
Special issue - "Selected Research in Data Analysis and Theoretical Computer Science"

Mihelič, J. and Čibej, U.

A Case of Churn Prediction in Telecommunications Industry
Brmež, S, and Žnidaršič, M,

A Study of Importance of Textual Features for Predictive Models of Financial Indicators
Kralj Novak, P., Pollak, S., Valentinčič, A., Lončarski, I., Pahor, M., and Žnidaršič, M.

Automatic Localization of White Spot Lesions Caused by Teeth Braces
Šajn, L.

Creation of Attribute Vectors from Spectra and Time-series Data for Prediction Model Development
Žagar, J. and Mihelič, J.

From Coalgebraic Logic to Modal Logic: An Introduction
Novitzká, V., Steingartner, W., and Perháč, J.

Categorical Approach to Denotational and Operational Semantics
Novitzká, V., Perháč, J., and Steingartner, W.

A Visualizing Tool for Graduate Course: Semantics of Programming Languages
Steingartner, W., Perháč, J., and Biliňski, A.

Neighborhood-based Pseudo-canonical Representation of Graphs
Fürst, L.

Graph Covering and Subgraph Problems
Gabrovšek, P. and Mihelič, J.

Construction of Stable Mesh Using Self-Assembly Chains
Brodnik, A. and Režonja, S.

January 2019 | Volume 15 | Number 1 | ISSN 1820 - 4503

Guest Editor: Mihelič, J.
Special issue - "Applications of Algorithms and System Software"

Guest Editor Introduction
Mihelič, J.

Automatic Detection of Pronation Type of Runners Using Computer Vision
Pečar, A., Dolenc, A., Jaklič, A., Peer, P., and Kovač, J.

Unveiling Perceptual Differences in Mood and Color Perception in Non-Mainstream Music Styles
Pesek, M. and Marolt, M.

Application of Algorithms and Machine Learning Methods in Pharmaceutical Manufacture
Klemenčič, J. and Mihelič, J.

Analysis of Maze Generating Algorithms
Gabrovšek, P.

Matrix Multiplication: Practical Use of a Strassen Like Algorithm
Rozman, M. and Eleršič, M.

Identifying Differences between Human-written and Random Programs
Čibej, U., Robič, B., and Mihelič, J.

Low-level Probe of Programs Regarding Different Languages and Compilers
Bac, J. and Slivnik, B.

Design of Low-Power Wireless Sensor Network with Simplified Protocol
Rozman, R.

A SIC/XE to Intel Pentium x86 Assembly Code Translator
Kastelic, B. and Dobravec, T.

A Linker for SIC/XE Hypothetical Computer
Kišek, Nejc

July 2018 | Volume 14 | Number 2 | ISSN 1820 - 4503

Guest Editors: Mutlu, O., Ghose, S., and Ausavarungnirun, R.
Special issue - "Recent Advances in DRAM and Flash Memory Architectures"

Guest Editor Introduction
Mutlu, O., Ghose, S., and Ausavarungnirun, R.

Tiered-Latency DRAM: Enabling Low-Latency Main Memory at Low Cost
Lee, D., Kim, Y., Seshadri, V., Liu, J., Subramanian, L., and Mutlu, O.

Adaptive-Latency DRAM: Reducing DRAM Latency by Exploiting Timing Margins
Lee, D., Kim, Y., Pekhimenko, G., Khan, S., Seshadri, V., Chang, K., and Mutlu, O.

Flexible-Latency DRAM: Understanding and Exploiting Latency Variation in Modern DRAM Chips
Chang, K. K.; Kashyap, A., Hassan, H., Ghose, S., Hsieh, K.,
Lee, D., Li, T., Pekhimenko, G., Khan, S., and Mutlu, O.

Voltron: Understanding and Exploiting Voltage–Latency–Reliability Trade-Offs in Modern DRAM Chips to Improve Energy Effciency
Chang, K. K.; Yağlıkçı, A. G., Ghose, S., Agrawal, A., Chatterjee, N.,
Kashyap, A., Lee, D., O’Connor, Mike., Hassan, H., and Mutlu, O.

SoftMC: Practical DRAM Characterization Using an FPGA-Based Infrastructure
Hassan, H., Vijaykumar, N., Khan, S., Ghose, S., Chang, K.,
Pekhimenko, G., Lee, D., Ergin, O., and Mutlu, O.

RowClone: Accelerating Data Movement and Initialization Using DRAM
Seshadri, V., Kim, Y., Fallin, C., Lee, D., Ausavarungnirun, R., Pekhimenko, G.,
Luo, Y., Mutlu, O., Gibbons, P. B., Kozuch, M. A., and Mowry, T. C.

LISA: Increasing Internal Connectivity in DRAM for Fast Data Movement and Low Latency
Chang, K. K.; Nair, P. J.; Ghose, S., Lee, D., Qureshi, M. K., and Mutlu, O.

Experimental Characterization, Optimization, and Recovery of Data Retention Errors in MLC NAND Flash Memory
Cai, Y., Luo, Y., Haratsch, E. F., Mai, K., Ghose, S., and Mutlu, O.

Read Disturb Errors in MLC NAND Flash Memory
Cai, Y., Luo, Y., Ghose, S., Haratsch, E F.; Mai, K., and Mutlu, O.

Characterizing, Exploiting, and Mitigating Vulnerabilities in MLC NAND Flash Memory Programming
Cai, Y., Ghose, S., Luo, Y., Mai, K., Mutlu, O., and Haratsch, E. F.

January 2018 | Volume 14 | Number 1 | ISSN 1820 - 4503

Guest Editor Kos, A.
Special issue - "Selected Student and Faculty Research in Information
                           and Communication Systems and Applications"

Special issue articles:

Kos, A.

Tackling the Challenges of ICT Innovation and Talents for Industry 4.0
Sedlar, U., Kos, A., Pustisek, M., Bester, J., Pogacnik, M., Mali, L., and Stojmenova Duh, E.

Security Risk Evaluation Methods in IoT
Pucko, M., Kos, A., and Pustisek, M.

Blockchain Support in IoT Platforms
Pustisek, M., Stefanic Juznic, L., and Kos, A.

Electric Switch with Ethereum Blockchain Support
Pustisek, M., Bremond, N., and Kos, A.

Golf Swing Data Classification with Deep Convolutional Neural Network
Jiao, L., Bie, R., Wu, H., Wei, Y., Kos, A., and Umek, A.

A Time-Dependent Multi-Class SVM Algorithm for Crowdsourced Mobility Prediction
Zhang, Y., Umek, A., Obinikpo, A. A., and Kos, A.

A Review on Methods for Assessing Driver’s Cognitive Load
Stojmenova, K., Stojmenova Duh, E., and Sodnik, J.

Commutative Rotations in 3D Euclidean Space and Gimbal Spatial Angles
Tomazic, S.

Automated Broadcast Video Quality Analysis System
Burnik, U., Meza, M., and Zaletelj, J.

An Overview of Fiber Fluorimeter Probes
Samir, A. and Batagelj, B.

Regular submission articles:

High-velocity Fluid Impact on Flexible Structures
Irfanoglu, A.

July 2017 | Volume 13 | Number 2 | ISSN 1820 - 4503

Guest Editor Ersoy, O.
Special issue - "Machine Learning and Signal/Image Processing"

Multi-Offspring Real Genetic Algorithm and its Application in Function Optimization
Wang, J., Ersoy, O., Cheng, Z., Zhang, Panli., and Dai, W.

Intercomparison of Satellite Precipitation with Gauge Data Using Point Frequency Analysis
Ozcan, O. and Musaoglu, N.

An Image Cryptosystem Using Chaotic Networks and Phase Processing
Xian, Z. and Ersoy, O.

A Statistical Approach to Increase Classification Accuracy in Supervised Learning Algorithms
Valencia-Zapata, G. A., Mejia, D., Klimeck, G., Zentner, M. G., and Ersoy, O.

MAGNET: Understanding and Improving the Accuracy of Genome Pre-Alignment Filtering
Alser, M., Mutlu, O., and Alkan, C.

An Improved Algorithm for OAO Classification
Changyuan, L., Ersoy, O., Luping, C., and Lanping, C.

Image Encryption and Compression with Orthogonal Matching Pursuit
Atar, E. and Ersoy, O.

Scalable Curriculum Learning for Artificial Neural Networks
Mermer, M. N. and Amasyali, M. F.

Determination of Tree Crown Diameters with Segmentation of a UAS-Based Canopy Height Model
Yilmaz, V., Serifoglu Yilmaz, C., Tasci, L., and Gungor, O.

Investigations on the Radiometric and Geometric Quality of RASAT Pan Imagery
Kocaman, S. and Yalcin, I.

January 2017 | Volume 13 | Number 1 | ISSN 1820 - 4503

Guest Editor Živkovic, M.
Special issue - "Special Issue on Solving Some Computationally Hard Problems II"

Variable Neighborhood Search Based Heuristics for the Hard Capacitated K–facility Location Problem
Miškovic, S. and Stanimirovic, Z.

Metaheuristic Approaches for Solving Facility Location and Scale Decision Problem with Customer Preference
Jordanski, M.

An Approach to Solving the Min-Max Diversity Problem Using Genetic Algorithm with Fuzzy Decisions
Radojicic, N.

Variable Neighborhood Search for Vehicle Scheduling Problem Considering the Transport of Agricultural Raw Materials
Anokic, A.

Memetic Algorithm for the Uncapacitated Multiple Allocation p-Hub Center Problem
Miškovic, S.

Construction of Amyloid PDB Files Database
Stanković, I., Hall, M. B., and Zarić, S. D.

Creating Links between Cooking Recipes
Vujicic Stankovic, S. and Pajić, V.

Towards Efficient and Unified XML/JSON Conversion - a New Conversion Method
Sandrih, B., Tosic, D., and Filipovic, V.

The 12-Element Case of Frankl’s Conjecture
Vuckovic, B. and Zivkovic, M.

Row Space Cardinalities Above 2**(n-2) + 2**(n-3)
Vuckovic, B. and Zivkovic, M.

July 2016 | Volume 12 | Number 2 | ISSN 1820 - 4503

Guest Editor Mihaljevic, M.
Special issue - "Advances in Cryptology and Information Security"

Generic Construction of Audit Logging Schemes with Forward Privacy and Authenticity
Hirose, S.

RVClose: Discovering Nearby-Friend Groups in Multi-user Environment
Paul, G., Raizada, S., and Pandey, V.

War in 1s and 0s: Framing the Lexicon for the Digital Age
Black, K. and David, W. M.

Security evaluation of NHB# authentication protocol against a MIM attack
Tomovic, S., Knezevic, M., Mihaljevic, M. J., Perovic, A., and Ognjanovic, Z.

Experimental Evaluation of Certain Security Issues of Grain v1 Stream Cipher
Arsic, A., Jelisavcic, V., and Mihaljevic, M. J.

January 2016 | Volume 12 | Number 1 | ISSN 1820 - 4503

Guest Editor Maurer, H.
Special issue on New developments on the Web

Maurer, H.

Large Scale Cooperation Scenarios - Crowdsourcing and its Societal Implications
Lofi, C. and Balke, W. T.

How Social Networks will Change Research
Kulathuramaiyer, N.

A New Look at Geography of the World
Mehmood, R.; Kulathuramaiyer, N.; and Maurer, H.

Rixels: Towards Secure Interactive 3D Graphics in Engineering Clouds
Altenhofen, C.; Dietrich, A.; Stork, A.; and Fellner, D.

The Growth Rate and the Nature of Internet Traffic
Odlyzko, A.

July 2015 | Volume 11 | Number 2 | ISSN 1820 - 4503

Guest Editor Terzija, V.
Special issue on Power System Low Carbon Smart Grid Technologies

Study of Different Dynamic Voltage Security Assessment Methods in the Smart Grid Era
Shams, N.; Yu, J.; Osborne, M.; and Terzija, V.

Study on Power System Low-frequency Oscillation using Hamiltonian Periodic Solutions
Shi, F.

The Application of SVC and TCSC for Damping Inter-area oscillations
Cai, D.; Yang, D.; Ding, L.; and Terzija, V.

Research on power system controlled islanding
Juncheng, S.; Jiping, J.; Famin, C.; and Lei, D.

Phasor Measurement Unit Testing in Accordance with the IEEE C37.118-2011 Synchrophasor Standard
Nguyen, N. T. A.; Popov, M.; and Rietveld, G.

Smart Auto-Reclosing Algorithm in Substations with Breaker-and-a-Half Configuration
Quiros-Tortos, J.; and Terzija, V.

A Structured Approach to Research for PhD Students in Computer Science and Engineering: How to Create Ideas, Conduct Research, and Write Papers
Milutinovic, V.

January 2015 | Volume 11 | Number 1 | ISSN 1820 - 4503

Guest Editor Zivkovic, M.:
Special Issue on Solving Some Computationaly Hard Problems

Special Issue Articles:

Solving Large Scale Instances of Hub Location Problems with a Sub-problem Using an Exact Method
Stanojevic, P., Maric, M.

Verification of Kurepa’s Left Factorial Conjecture for Primes up to 231
Ilijasevic, I.

Finding Collision for MD4 Hash Algorithm Using Hybrid Algorithm
Caric, M.

Permutations with Constrained Consecutive k-sums - Some Special Cases
Stefanovic, M., Zivkovic, M.

Regular Articles:

Cities, People, and Adapted Small Urban Space - The Geography of Real Space, Used in Real Time, by Real People
Cotner, D.

Do We Have Enough Information to Reduce Musculoskeletal Disorders?
Jemec, J., Ðordjevic, S.

July 2014 | Volume 10 | Number 2 | ISSN 1820 - 4503

Guest Editor Maurer, H.:
Special Issue on Different topics require different portal servers

Austria-Forum and Beyond
Maurer, H.

Web Books: The Fusion of Paper and Pixels
Pirker, J., Wurzinger, G., Müller, H.

Verifying Information on the Internet
Korica-Pehserl, P.

Geographic Data Verification - Automatic Verification of Physical Geographic Data Using Maps
Mehmood, R.

How Open Content Servers Can Be Made Beneficial for Learning and Education
Ebner, M., Scerbakov, N., Schön S.

Digital Archives as Part of Digital Humanities Research Infrastructure
Stigler, H. J.

Thematic Digital Libraries vs. Wikipedia's "One Size Fits All" - Lessons Learned
Barthel, S. and Balke, W. T.

Learning Management Systems - A Need for Specialized Systems
Sharif, N., Afzal, T., Helic, D.

An Educational Framework for Content Sharing
Baumgartner, P., Zobel, A.

Heritage Portals and Heritage Mining: Synergizing Data and Image Mining Under Uncertainty Constraints
Milutinovic, V., Salom, J., Jelisavcic, V., Filipovic, V., Mihajlovic, A., Ognjanovic, Z., Markovic, Z., Kos, A., Tomazic, S., Maurer, H.

January 2014 | Volume 10 | Number 1 | ISSN 1820 - 4503

Guest Editors Gavrilovska L., Salom J., and Milutinovic V.:
Special Issue on the FP7 ProSense Project

Development of Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) Research Platforms and Applications through the FP7 ProSense Project
Gavrilovska, L., Atanasovski, V., Rakovic, V., Chomu, K., and Smiljkovic, K.

Internet of Things enabled LED lamp controlled by satisfaction of students in a classroom
Gligoric, N., Dimcic, T., Krco, S., Dimcic, V., Vaskovic, J., Vojinovic, I.

A Distributed Kohonen Self Organizing Map Applied to Wireless Sensor Networks
Rakocevic, G.

Improved Radio Propagation Models for Wireless Ad-Hoc Networks
Khan, A., Constantinou, C., C., and Stojmenovic, I.

Multi-functionality of Wireless Body Sensors
Trobec R., Avbelj V., Rashkovska A.

Sensor Nets and Data Mining in Medical Applications
Savic, E., Potic, J., Babovic, Z., Rakocevic, G., Strineka, V., Milutinovic, V.

July 2013 | Volume 9 | Number 2 | ISSN 1820 - 4503

Guest Editor Salom Jakob:
Topic: Maxeler SuperComputer Related Research

Application of Maxeler Dataflow Supercomputing to Spherical Code Design
Stanojevic I., Senk V., and Milutinovic V.

Bitonic Merge Sort Implementation on the Maxeler Dataflow Supercomputing System
Rankovic V.; Kos, A., and Milutinovic V.

Implementation of the RSA Algorithm on a Dataflow Architecture
Bezanic N., Popovic-Bozovic J., Milutinovic, V., and Popovic, I.

Solving Gross Pitaevskii Equation Using Dataflow Paradigm
Stojanovic S., Bojic D., Milutinovic V.

Feasibility Study on the SAT Solver on DataFlow Architecture
Sustran Z., Todorovic M., Milutinovic V.

The Source-Sink Model
Ivkovic S., Ilic L., Stankovic M., Radojicic R., Babovic Z.

Accelerating Lattice-Boltzman Method Using the Maxeler DataFlow Approach
Korolija N., Djukic T., Milutinovic V., Filipovic N.

January 2013 | Volume 9 | Number 1 | ISSN 1820 - 4503

Guest Editor Dusan Surla:
Advances in Software Engineering

Development of the Library Software System BISIS
Surla, D., Konjovic, Z.

Developing Editors in Xtext Framework
Dimic Surla, B.

Creation of Metadata about Scientific-Research Outputs
Ivanovic, D.

Ontological Model of Legal Norms for Creating and Using Legal Acts
Gostojic, S., Milosavljevic, B.

Signing Documents in Web-based Document Management Systems
Sladic, G., Milosavljevic, B.

Semi-supervised News Genre Classification
Slivka, J., Kovacevic, A.

The Semantic Annotation of Digital Learning Content Using Competence-based Knowledge Space Theory
Savic, G., Segedinac, M.

July 2012 | Volume 8 | Number 2 | ISSN 1820 - 4503

Guest Editor Prof. Mester G.:
Intelligent Service Robotic Systems

Navigation, Motion Planning and Control of Autonomous Wheeled Mobile Robots in Labyrinth Type Scenarios
Rodic, A.

Cooperative Multi Robot Systems for Contemporary Shopping Malls
Katic, D.

Use of Support Vector Machine for Humanoid Robot Motion Synthesis
Borovac, B.

Fuzzy-Logic Sensor-Based Navigation of Autonomous Wheeled Mobile Robots in the Greenhouse Environments
Mester, G.

A Complexity Reduced Hybrid Autonomous Navigation Method for In-Door Robots
Varkonyi-Koczy, A.

Potential Field-Based Approach for Obstacle Avoidance Trajectories
Pozna, C.

January 2012 | Volume 8 | Number 1 | ISSN 1820 - 4503

Guest Editor Prof. Radenkovic B.:
Selected Research Efforts from the School of Business Administration at the University of Belgrade

An Approach to Creating an Adaptive on-line Course
Jevremovic, S.

Integral Characteristics of the Nakagami-m Distribution of Signal Envelope
Stefanovic, Z., Hana; and Savic, M., Ana

The Game as a Component of E-education in E-learning System Moodle
Despotovi?-Zraki?, S., Marijana; Bogdanovi?, M., Zorica; Labus, B., Aleksandra; Savic, M., Ana and Stefanovic, Z., Hana

Ways of Attacking Smart Cards and Their Countermeasures
Djukanovic, M., Vujicic, V.

Challenges in Cloud Computing
Kocovic, P.

Effective Selection of a Testing Environment using Combinatorial Testing and Virtualization
Popovic, S.

July 2011 | Volume 7 | Number 2 | ISSN 1820 - 4503

Guest Editor Prof. Filipovic N.:
Computational Bioengineering

The Investigation of Flow – Structural Interaction in an Arterial Branching by Numerical Simulation
Dobre, A.

OpenOCD approach in Hardware Design implemented to Back Spine Position Measuring based on Accelerometer Data
Peulic, A.; Hogl, H.; Filipovic, N.; Ebersold Z.

ARTool: A Platform for the Development of Multi-level patient-specific artery and atherogenesis models
Exarchos, T.; Stefanou, K.; Siogkas, P.; Sakelarios, A.; Fotiadis, D.; Naka, K.; Michalis, L.; Filipovic, N.; Parodi, O.;

Computer Simulation of Plaque formation and Development
Filipovic, N.; Meunier, N.; Kojic, M.; Isailovic, V.; Radovic, M.; Milosevic, Z.; Nikolic, D.; Milasinovic, D.; Exarchos, T.; Parodi, O.; Fotiadis, D.

Low Reynolds Number flow in an Expanding Alveolated Duct
Henry, F., Tsuda, A.

Mining Data from Hemodynamic Simulations for Human Aorta
Tošovic, M.; Radovic, M.; Petrovic, D.; Milašinovic, D.; Devedžic, G.; Rankovi?, V.; and Filipovic, N.

January 2011 | Volume 7 | Number 1 | ISSN 1820 - 4503

Pearls of Wisdom by Nobel Laureate:

Interview - Inventivity from the Look of Science
Kroto, H.

Invited Papers:

Fuzzy Sets and Inference as an Effective Methodology in the Construction of Intelligent Controllers
Saade, J.

Merging Data Sources Based on Semantics, Contexts, and Trust
Subelj, L.; Jelenc, D.; Zupancic, E.; Lavbic, D.; Trcek, D.; Krisper, M.; Bajec, M.

Evaluation Models for E-Learning Platforms and the AHP approach: a Case Study
Colace, F.; De Santo, M.

Academic Ranking of World Universities 2009/2010
Mester, G.

Visual and Aural: Visualization of Harmony in Music with Colour
Klemenc, B.; Ciuha, P.; Subelj, L.; and Bajec, M.

July 2010 | Volume 6 | Number 2 | ISSN 1820 - 4503

Pearls of Wisdom by Nobel Laureate :

Interview – Inventivity in a Balance between Training and Imagination
Glashow, Sheldon

Invited Papers:

The Unintended Consequences of Technological Innovation: Bluetooth Technology and Cultural Change
Naimi, Linda; French, Richard Mark

The Dumbing Down Effect of American Public Education
Hong, Felix

Sensor Based Control of Autonomous Wheeled Mobile Robots
Mester, Gyula

Control of the Greenhouse’s Microclimatic Condition using Wireless Sensor Network
Matijevics, Istvan; Simon, János

E-Collaboration Technologies in Teaching/Learning Activity
Zascerinska, Jelena; Ahrens, Andreas

January 2010 | Volume 6 | Number 1 | ISSN 1820 - 4503

Pearls of Wisdom by an Advisor of European Commission:

Interview - The Essence of European Framework Projects
Pascall, Stephan

Belgrade University Research Efforts:

Document Filter Based on Extracted Concepts
Varga, Emil; Furlan, Bojan; Milutinovic, Veljko

Graph-Theoretic Formulation of Equations for Electrical Circuits with Mathematica
Tosic, Dejan

Visual PageRank: Improving the Random Surfer Model Using Visual Features
Diligenti, Michelangelo; Kovacevic, Milos

Applied Concept Modeling Techniques for Semantic Data Retrieval
Djordjevic, Nemanja; Mestrovic, Nenad; Mijovic, Djordje; Dimovski, Boris

Hot Topics in Computer Science and Engineering
Tomazic, Saso; Milutinovic, Veljko

July 2009 | Volume 5 | Number 2 | ISSN 1820 - 4503
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Pearls of Wisdom by the Honorary Doctor of Belgrade University:

Interview: "Development of Microprocessors"
Flynn, Michael

Creating Autonomous Sensors with Integrated Power Sources
Flynn, Michael

Belgrade University Research Efforts by Faculty of Electrical Engineering:

Programming Tools for WSNs
Crnjin, Aleksandar

Overview of sensors for Wireless Sensor Networks
Rakocevic, Goran

Medical Applications Based on Wireless Sensor Networks
Stankovic, Stanislava

Processing of Medical Signals (ECG) in Wireless Sensor Networks
Cirkovic, Predrag; Aleksic, Anda

January 2009 | Volume 5 | Number 1 | ISSN 1820 - 4503
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Pearls of Wisdom by the Honorary Doctor of Belgrade University:

Interview: "HPS, a new Microarchitecture"
Patt, Yale

Future Microprocessors: What Must We do Differently if We Are to Effectively Utilize Multi-core and Many-core Chips?
Patt, Yale

Invited Papers:

Performance Analysis of WSN Clustering Algorithms using Discrete Power Control
Aslam, Nauman; Robertson, William; and Phillips, William

From Fraud Vulnerabilities and Threats to Fraud Avoidance and Tolerance
Lilien, Leszek; Bhargava, Akhil; Bhargava, Bharat

Prism-Spectrometer as Demultiplexer for WDM over POF
Lutz, Daniela; Haupt, Matthias; Fischer, H.P., Ulrich

Software Testing Methods and Techniques
Jovanovic, Irena

July 2008 | Volume 4 | Number 2 | ISSN 1820 - 4503
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Pearls of Wisdom by the Honorary Doctor of Belgrade University:

Interview: "Human Activities in Space"
Fujii, Hironori

Space Experiment of Bare Tape-Tether Technology on the Sounding Rocket S520 the 25th
Fujii, Hironori

Invited Papers:

The Xmath ODE Algorithm
Bringslid, Odd

Information Content of Process Signals in Quality Control
Jovic, Franjo; Krmpotic, Darko; Jovic, Alan; Hocenski, Verica; Slavek, Ninoslav

Upgrading Generator Scripting Model by Object Model Properties
Radosevic, Danijel; Klicek, Bozidar; Kozina, Melita

How to Ruin the Career of a Ph.D. Student in Computer Science and Engineering: Precise Guidelines
Milutinovic, Veljko; Tomazic, Saso

January 2008 | Volume 4 | Number 1 | ISSN 1820 - 4503
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Invited Papers:

Results and Impacts of European eLearning in Mathematic
Bringsild, Odd

Representing Variants Including Quality Attributes
Rohleder, Clotilde

Sequential Structure of Objective Knowledge with an Application to Learning System
Yamasaki, Susumu; Sasakura, Mariko

E-Learning: An Assessment tool Based on a Bayesian Approach
Colace, Farncesco; De Santo, Massimo

Quality of Education
Ohta, Naomichi

Travel in Europe: An Online Environment to Promote Cultural Heritage
Bellotti, Francesco; Berta, Riccardo; De Gloria, Alessandro; Primavera Ludovica; Zappi, Victor

July 2007| Volume3 | Number 2 | ISSN 1820 - 4503
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Pearls of Wisdom by Nobel Laureate:

On Learning in Engineering and Science When Old
Perl, Martin

Invited Papers:

Sematic Integration in Conceptual Modeling of Service Architectures
Gustas, Remigijus

Consumer Driven Multivariate Landing Page Optimization: Overview, Issues, and Outlook
Gofman, Alex

Developing Best Practices for Facilitating Online Learning Communities a Case Study at New York University
Davidson, R., Anthony; Sosulski, Kristen

Multilingual Web with E-speranto
Tomazic, Saso

Intelligent Systems Already Influence Our Lives
Gams, Matjaz; Krivec Jana

Symbolic Pattern Matching and Rule-based Programming Paradigm
Tosic, V., Dejan

Regular Contributions:

An Intelligent Web Browser Plug-in for Automatic Translation for Ajax Approach
Hanakawa, Noriko

Modeling Prediction using Quacol Algebra in Web-driven Business Environment
Jovic, Franjo; Jovic, Alan

Ida Freund: Teacher, Educator, Feminist, and Chemistry Textbook Writer
Palmer, Bill

Fair On-Line Civil Trial: An Important Aspect of E-Government
Villecco, Alessandra

Controlling Certificates for Grid Security Authentication and Authorization System
May, Phyo Oo; Thinn Thu Naing

January 2007 | Volume 3 | Number 1 | ISSN 1820 - 4503
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Pearls of Wisdom by Nobel Laureates:

Another View of Neural Networks
Cooper, Leon

TV is Dead - Long Live the WEB
Kroto, Harold

Challenges of Distance Learning
Richardson, Bob

Invited Paper:

Forgotten Ideas in Computer Architecture: It's Time to bring them Back!
Dennis, Jack

University of Belgrade Research Efforts:

On Reducing Overheads in CMP TLS Integrated Protocols
Radulovic, B., Milan; Tomasevic, V., Milo.

A Technique for Round-Trip Engineering of Behavioral UML Model Elements
Bojic, M., Dragan

Support for Knowledge Tests: Brief Summary of Regulations and Software
Bosnjakovic, M., Andrija; Tartalja, I., Igor; and Protic, Z., Jelica

Efficient Development and Maintenance of Enterprise Information Systems in Multicultural Developer Environment
Milovanovic, M., Milos; Milutinovic, M., Veljko

Regular Contributions:

Challenges in Geovisualization
Ragia, Lemonia; and Fiume, Eugene

Network Systems Intrusion: Concept, Detection, Decision, and Prevention
Pleskonjic, Dragan; Omerovic, Sanida; and Tomazic, Saso

Investigating Software Dependability Mechanisms for Robotic Applications
Laurent, T., Nana

A Contribution to Development of Methods for E-business and E-commerce
Milutinovic, Dusan

July 2006 | Volume 2 | Number 2 | ISSN 1820 - 4503
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A Proposed Hybrid Approach for Patent Modeling
Scekic, Ognjen; Popovic, Djordje; and Milutinovic, Veljko

A Reflective Memory System for Personal Computers
Tomasevic, Milo; Protic, Jelica; Savic, Savo; Jovanovic, Milan; Grujic, Aleksandra; and Milutinovic, Veljko

Assembly Language in Modern Technologies still Faster than HLL: Myth or Reality
Micic, Milos; Etinski, Maja; and Milutinovic, Veljko

One Approach of Efficient Management of Zillion Signatures
Rudan, Sasa; Kovacevic, Aleksandra; Babovic, Zoran; Jovic, Darko; Milutinovic, Veljko; and Milligan, Charles

Cache Clearing System
Babovic, Zoran; Jovic, Darko; Cakarevic, Vladimir; Milosavljevic, Ivan; Stevanovic, Marija; Minic, Predrag; and Milutinovic,Veljko

Data Assurance in a Conventional File System
Rudan, Sasa; Kovacevic, Aleksandra; Milligan, Charles; and Milutinovic, Veljko

Data Mining: A Brief Overview and Recent IPSI Research
Radivojevic, Zaharije; Cvetanovic, Milos; and Milutinovic, Veljko

Internet Application Testing
Prijic, Aleksandar; Jovic, Darko; and Milutinovic, Veljko

Patent Maps: A Simpier Way to Search Patents in the Light of Prior Art
Micanovic, Mina; Milutinovic, Veljko; and Milligan, Charles

SwanLink: Mobile P2P Environment for Graphical Content Management System
Popovic, Jovan; Bosnjakovic, Andrija; Minic, Predrag; Korolija, Nenad; and Milutinovic, Veljko

New Modifications of Selection Operator in Genetic Algorithms for the Traveling Salesman Problem
Radovic, Marija; and Milutinovic, Veljko

Designing of an XPath Engine for P2P XML Store
Jovic, Darko; and Milutinovic, Veljko

January 2006 | Volume 2 | Number 1 | ISSN 1820 - 4503
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Secured Object Signatures for Web Objects and XML Objects
Chang, H., Peter

Toward Next Generation Distributed Business Information Systems: Five Inherent Capabilities of Service-Oriented Computing
Chung, Sam; and Davalos, Sergio

What is the Effect of Product Attributes on Public-Key Infrastructure adoption?
Mattila, Anssi; and Mattila, Minna

Building a European database of mathematical e-learning modules
Bringslid, Odd; and Demlova, Marie

An Online Strategy for Evaluating Educational and Social Intervention Programs
Hansen, William B.; Reese, Eric; Wyrick, Cheryl H.; Jackson-Newsom, Julia;Bryant, Kelvin S.;and Dyreng, Douglas I.

The Successive Principle - a Scientific Crystal Ball for Management
Lichtenberg, Steen

Implementing Numerical Reasoning in ILP
Demsar, Damjan; and Gams, Matjaz

Transition of E-Business to M-Business Driven by Wireless Communication
Barjis, Joseph; and Barjis, Isaac

On the Functional Characterization of Intelligent Materials
Haddad, Yehia

Comparative Studies of Shortest Path Algorithms and Computation of Optimum Diameter in Multi Connected Distributed Loop Networks
Vasappanavara, Ramesh; Prasad, EV; and Seetharamanath, MN

Automatic Injection Profile Prediction by Soft Computing Methods
Wei, Mingzhen; and Sung, Andrew H.

Approximation Method for Extended Routing with Clue (ERC) Protocol over Meshed Networks
Viriyaphol, Piboonlit; and Jittawiriyanukoon, Chanintorn

July 2005 | Volume 1 | Number 2 | ISSN 1820 - 4503
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Compression of On-Site and Video Taped Lesson Efficiency
Saiki, Diana; and McFadden, Joan R

Finding a Place and a Space for Online Learning Environments in an Institutional Setting: Issues of Objectification
Habib, Laurence

Invited Paper: An Overview of Trends in Personalized Content Retrieval
Pogacnik, Matevz; Tasic F., Jurij; and Tomazic, Saso

A Multi-Expert System for Movie Segmentation
Colace, F.; De Santo, M.; Molinara, M.; Percannella, G.; and Vento, M.

Network Structure and Emergent Collaboration in a Research Network
Molka-Danielsen, Judith; and Sovik, Bernt Louis Berge

Joint Capacity and Spare Capacity Placement with p-Cycles
Thompson, Dale R.; and Al-Snaie, Khalid

Development of an Integrated System for Education and Administration
Hanakawa, Noriko; Maeda, Toshiyuki; Mori, Akira; and Tsutsui, Shigeyoshi

Searching and Retrieving Protected Resources using SAML-XACML in a Research-Based Federation
Vullings, E. and Dalziel, J

Implementation of Probabilistic Packet Marking for IPv6 Traceback
Narita-Harayama, Michiko; Kakehi, Naoyuki; and Takeuchi, Daisaku

The Obstacles Facing Taiwan's Universities with regard to Internet Courses
Lin, Hui-Chao

VIGIE: A Learning Tool for Cellular Air Interfaces (GSM, GPRS, UMTS, WiFi)
Oyedapo, J., Olufemi; Lagrange, Xavier; and Martins, Philippe

Power Aware Routing in Ad Hoc Networks
Kush, Ashwani; Phalguni, Gupta; and Ramkumar, Chauhan

January 2005 | Volume 1 | Number 1 | ISSN 1820 - 4503
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Guest Editor's Introduction: Static Analysis of Lyee Requirements for Legacy System Software
Fujita, Hamido and Mejri, Mohameed

A Distributed Multimedia Information System for Cultural Heritage identity preservation
Aiello, A., Mango Furnari, M., and Massarotti, A.

Understanding and Reducing Web Page Latency
Curran, K. and Broderick, N.

Modelling and Analysis of Agent-Based Electronic Marketplaces
Fortino, G., Garro, A., and Russo, W.

Introducing a New Infrastructure Element for E-Business Financial Reporting: an Internet Clearinghouse
Gottlieb, M. and Stavrovski, B.

Broadband Infrastructure and Rural Regional Development in Norway
Molka-Danielsen, J., Ohren, O., and Jager, B.

An Information Retrieving Service for Distance Learning
Nakayama, L., Vicari, R., and Coelho, H.

Towards a Methodology for Evaluating the Quality of (public) websites
Neuner, C. and De Landtsheer, C.

Access Control for e-Business on MOPASS
Shin, K. and Taguchi, M.

Critical Skills and Knowledge in Development of e-commerce Infrastructure
Sirkemaa, J. S.

Biometric Features for Mobile Agents Ownership
Vitabile, S., Pilato, G., Conti, V., Gioe, G., and Sorbello, F.

Using Technology to Conduct Research in Education
Wright, D.